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The Association is the primary trainer of Water and Wastewater operators in the province. High quality water and safe effective wastewater treatment are essential, and are needs that can only increase in the future. To help provide this essential service, we are dedicated to training qualified professionals who have high standards and who continue to learn as the water and wastewater industries advance. If you are currently working in the field then becoming a member of the Manitoba Water & Wastewater Association could be vital to your future. We will be offering many training opportunities for members and as such we cannot guarantee your participation, as members will be given first chance to attend. Further, the Association is offering member pricing for conferences and training.

WCW – Online Services

We have added on-line services for members. Update your personal information through “Profile Management”. Register for events with “Event Registration”.

Stay Connected

As a member you will receive “Western Canada Water” four times a year. This is the official Magazine of the Western Canada Water & Wastewater Association, of which MWWA is a Constituent member. These associations are focused solely on your industry and the many changes that are occurring daily.

Other Constituent Organizations of WCW are:

  • Alberta Water and Wastewater Operators Association (AWWOA)
  • Northern Territories Water and Waste Association (NTWWA)
  • Saskatchewan Water and Wastewater Association (SWWA)
  • Municipal Service and Suppliers Association (MSSA)
  • Western Canada Section American Water Works Association (WCS AWWA)
  • Western Canada Water Environment Association (WCWEA)

What are the benefits to non-operators?

The benefit of membership to others who are not operators of water & wastewater facilities is the opportunity to attend, or help conduct, the many excellent & informative seminars & schools offered each year through the Association. Membership also provides many opportunities to interact with other individuals associated with the water & wastewater industry and to keep informed of new developments.


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